At Home

Conversion and Expansion

Hamburg (DE)

Conversion and Expansion of an attic, 183 m², Planning, 2015-17

Wellingsbuetteler Landstrasse
Hamburg (DE)

Extension towards the Garden, 80 m², realised, 2014-16

Hamburg (DE)

Conversion and Expansion of a town house, 179 m², realised 2020

Hamburg (DE)

Access top ground, realised, 2014-16

Hamburg (DE)

Conversion and Expansion Basement, 60 m², realised, 2014

Hamburg (DE)

Residential House, Renovation and Extension, 154 m², realised, 2012-13

Neumünstersche Straße
Hamburg (DE)

Apartments, Conversion and Reclassification, 170 m², realised, 2012

Amsterdam (NL)

Residential House, Conversion and Renovation, 225 m², realised, 2009-10

Braunschweig (DE)

Semi-detached House, Conversion and Extension, 140 m², realised, 2005-06

The design of living space and the creation of a qualitative surrounding is one of the main tasks of our architectural work. 

We compile requirements of accomodation – as comfort, perspective, light and living together in a good way – into rooms and buildings, relating to the individual demands of the client, using the qualities of the location. 

We design homes, which let the residents come to rest, enable a harmonious relationship between families, partners and neighbours, inspire his owners and allow different moods and atmosphere.

Our clients are attended through the whole planning and construction process. We do precise arrangements with the companies and provide a significant realisation in detail as a conclusion of a collective work.