Public Space

Tidal Artwork Blankeneser Unterfeuer
Hamburg (DE)

Reuse of a Lighthouse, Design Study, 2016

Tidal Folly
Rotterdam (NL)

Design Study, 2005

K67 The Kiosk Shots
Europäische Studie (EU)

European Study, 2003-today

Münster (DE)

Conversion of a medieval City Tower, Competition, 2003

Most of the people don’t live on their own, they live in villages, towns and cities, they do have neighbours and share their habitat with many others. 

The urban life, where society is getting it’s manifestation, where culture is arising and togetherness evolves, is fascinating and inspiring us in our work. 

With our buildings for the community and the design of public space we try to open up a stage and scope for social interactions. 

Our special interests are the implicit aspects, calm qualities and small phenomena, whose awareness also creates a new awareness.

With a sensible and natural composition of buildings and rooms for the community we want to encourage being together and support a new appreciation for shared spaces. 


We explore urban conditions and public room from spatial perspective, as well as we consider the users point of view.  

This is including a precise surveillance of the structural environment and those aspects which influence the daily use and cognition of public space. 

We are looking for obvious and also for (still) hidden spatial qualities. In addition to a thorough architectural and spatial consideration, conversations with users and residents assist to understand mechanisms and results arising from this. 


We develop spatial strategies and design solutions, to enhance the current situation or even improve it long-term in ideal case. 

The discovered qualities are forming the base for our creative interventions and designed objects, which adds a further offer and encourage users to use spaces in an active way. 

We enlist users in decision making and in realisation of improvement measures, what makes a better overall result, greater acceptance and solicitous handling with the space in the end.